A Short Guide to London Hotels

London, the capital of United Kingdom and England, is an amazing 21st-century metropolis with vast history spanning back from Roman days to modern times. At its heart lie the iconic Big Ben, the historic Houses of Parliament, and the iconic London Eye, which offers spectacular views of the Thames River. From here you can see the London Eye, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Beyond the city are the River Thames, acres of beautiful parklands, and one of the most important libraries in the world, Cambridge University. Cambridge is also home to a host of famous universities including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Cambridge University. The next time you’re in London, don’t forget to take in the famous Big Ben!

The architectural wonders that are London’s skyline have also been created by the greatest artists and architects in the world. Famous examples include the Eiffel Tower, Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, the Royal Observatory, and Tate Modern. London is also home to a host of other historic attractions, including Shakespeare’s Globe theater, Shakespeare’s West End, Leicester Square in central London, and Westminster Abbey. Travelers to London will also find some of the finest spas and health clubs in the world, from exclusive wellness centers in Trafalgar Square to top-class resorts share resorts across London. For those looking for culture and history, there are museums galore all over London. And if you love to eat out, then you will be in heaven as well as in great company as London hosts the worlds largest and most luxurious restaurants, cafes, and bars.

When it comes to accommodation in London, there are plenty of options from small studio apartments to luxury hotels. Some of the best spots to stay in London include St. Giles’ Cathedral, Hampton Court Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Bayswater, all within walking distance of central London. Luxury London hotel accommodations are also plentiful, including top-rate hotels such as the Ritz Hotel, Earl’s Court, or the Mayfair, along with many great mid-range hotels and hostels. Some of the best luxury hotels in London include The Cornwall Hotel and The St. Giles, along with affordable apartments and bed and breakfasts. Whatever your budget, there is a London hotel for you to choose from.