The Capital City of England

London, the capital of United Kingdom and England, is an advanced 21st-century metropolis with an impressive history spanning back to Roman days. In its center lie the imposing Houses of Parliament, architectural reminder of the nation’s ancient constitutional government. Towards the Thames River, there are also the London Eye observatory wheel, which offers spectacular views of both the South Bank and the entire city across the Thames.

Over the years, London has grown into one of the world’s leading financial, business, cultural, and political centers. The London Film Festival, welcomes more than a million visitors each year, while the Tate Modern and Guggenheim Museum in London to compete with the Louvre and the Museum of Modern Art in terms of showcasing the work of famous artists from around the globe. Beyond these, London is home to a diverse population, boasting a population of more than eight million people, including many who call London home by way of birth or immigration.

When it comes to commuting, London is among the most highly sought after travel destinations in the world, as well as among the top cities in which to live. There are many options for transportation in Greater London, ranging from traditional means of public transportation such as the London Underground and buses, to luxurious coaches that can take the party out for a night out on the town. Staying in one of the top London hotel franchises in the greater London area, will provide easy access to the best shopping areas and nightlife districts, while affording easy access to the country’s finest educational and cultural institutions. All in all, London is a city that is perfect for any traveler looking to experience a contemporary lifestyle, while immersing themselves in an increasingly diverse culture and historic community.