Top 5 London Attractions

London, the financial capital of England and also the United Kingdom, is a 21st-century urban centre with ancient history extending back to Roman days. In its centre sit the imposing Houses of Parliament, Britain’s most imposing buildings and home to the iconic Big Ben clock tower. Along the Thames River, London’s West End is home to many of London’s top theatre companies, such as the Theatre Museum and the Theatre Royal, as well as numerous museums and galleries. The Museum of London, on the opposite side of the river, houses one of the world’s greatest collections of art, architecture and history. Beyond London, you’ll find some of the UK’s finest natural attractions, from the picturesque Lake District to Cornwall’s picturesquely beautiful Torbay.

London has much to offer visitors beyond the traditional attractions of its famous buildings and tourist attractions. If you’re a lover of history and culture, then you can take in the British Museum, one of the best in the world, which houses some of the preeminent collections of Western European history. The British Museum also includes a great British drama, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, where you can watch all your favourite plays and musicals. As well as great museums and plays, London also boasts some great public parks, such as Hyde Park, designed to cater to London’s growing number of ‘green’ folk. On a hot summer’s day, you can splash around in the outdoor swimming pool in Hyde Park or relax by the lake in Richmond Park.

Other popular London attractions include the Millennium Dome, a spectacular television and music structure that present a constant television feed of the day’s events over the months of June to August. For those more interested in history and archeology, then you should really check out Stonehenge, which is the ancient monument present day London. It is absolutely massive, standing nearly identically as it did when the original builders first erected it two thousand years ago. Other must see London attractions include Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Bridge, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Museum.