Tourist Attractions in Barcelona

Barcelona, the queen of Spain is not only a beautiful city on its own but also has a rich history which you will be able to enjoy at one of the many tourist attractions in the city. During summer you will be under the shade of palm trees swaying in the breeze and shuffling along with the crowds who pass by, street artists, bird-sellers, flower stands and other live street performers. Sometimes you might catch the scent of baking waffles (gociondade).

You might also be interested in seeing the famous gaudits, or hanging coffins, at the old section of Camp nou, in Barcelona. These coffins were created centuries ago by the monks who lived in the old section of Camp nou. If you want to have a closer look at the gaudits, you can hire a guide from Barcelona travel agents or the Barcelona tourism office to show you around. In addition to this there are also a lot of other tourist attractions such as Figueres, Santa Cristina, Pluma de Arenal, and the Sagrada Familia, which are all available tour options in Barcelona.

One of the best ways to explore the various aspects of Barcelona is to take advantage of one of the Barcelona tour packages. You can select from a wide range of tour options for this exciting city. For example, you can take a walking tour around Barcelona using one of the Barcelona walking tours. You will also be able to find some self guided walking tours that will allow you to relax and explore at your leisure. These are among the most popular and widely available tour options in Barcelona.